Utility software

UDF Media Reader (download disk image or source) is a small Cocoa application that reads disks created by packet-writing applications like Adaptec DirectCD. You may not realize you need this. When you load a disc created by DirectCD, OS X (through 10.4.8) reads the ISO 9660 information and shows the directory structure. Look carefully at the file sizes and try to load files that seem shorter than they should be. Files that cross packet gaps are truncated at the beginning. UDF Media Reader is a program (not a driver, not a kernel extension) that reads raw data from /dev/rdisk* and presents it to you as a file tree. You can copy the whole disk or any sub-tree to any other device. This is the first program I made under Cocoa, so don't expect too much polish, but I have used it to successfully migrate about forty archive CDs to an external hard disk, so I know it works reliably with Win9x-era DirectCD disks.

PowerPC version compiled under OS X 10.4.8: disk image or source.

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